30 Day Returns

Refund within 30 days no questions asked

Sometimes we buy things and they are either not quite right or we simply change our mind. At GRIT+TONIC we understand this, we’re online shoppers ourselves and sometime need to return items.

Our GRIT+TONIC 30 Day Return promise is that if you change your mind for any reason and want to return your purchase within 30 days, then we’ll happily refund your money. We’ll also cover the return shipping cost in the UAE.

Our 30 Day Returns promise applies across the whole GRIT+TONIC product range subject to a few common sense terms and conditions:

  • Any product must be returned unused and unworn in the original packaging

  • Products must be in a saleable condition

  • If original packaging has been damaged or is missing then we’ll apply a 25% surcharge as we’ll need to reduce the sale price of that item.

  • Unfortunately we can’t accept returns on any Nutrition products or on certain personal or hygiene products - this includes any Bodyglide products, Swim Goggles, Underwear, Headphones and HRM straps.


Free Delivery

UAE orders over 150 AED

Hands up if you’ve ever found the right product at the right price, then after going all the way through the checkout process you discover you’re being charged a ridiculous amount for delivery? Ok, hands down, it happens everywhere. At GRIT+TONIC we don’t believe in hold-ups, stick-ups or any other hidden costs.

The GRIT+TONIC Free Delivery promise is simple. If you live anywhere in the UAE then delivery is free for all orders above 150 AED. Orders will ship and normally be with you in 2-3 days.

Sometimes you needs things sooner when that training session can't wait. We also offer Express Delivery as Same Day (within Dubai City limits) or Next Day across the rest of the UAE. Check out our Delivery page for specific details.

In addition to the above, we also offer a free Build and Deliver service within Dubai for all bikes over 5,000 AED. VeloPresto will build and deliver you bike to your door and set up the bike for you ready to ride - how's that for online service?


Same Day Delivery

Dubai orders by 1pm

We have been scratching our heads and wondering why you can order dinner, have it cooked and delivered hot to your door in 30 minutes, yet when you buy a product online it takes a week for it to be delivered?

At GRIT+TONIC we decided this doesn’t work for us and it doesn’t work for our customers. Online is supposed to make life easier and quicker, not more complicated and slower.

The GRIT+TONIC Same Day Delivery is simple. Within central Dubai (link to delivery map) if you order by 1pm, we will deliver same day. We add a small charge of 25 AED, but will ensure your order is with you within a few hours.


Fair Pricing

Good Value and Fanatical Service

For far too long shopping in the GCC has meant a choice between paying a lot more than everyone else in the world, or waiting and going through the inconvenience of shipping from outside the GCC.

At GRIT+TONIC we believe you shouldn’t have to make this choice. Your time is too valuable, you have bikes to ride, deserts to run, parks to stroll, a body to train and a life to live.

We believe you should be able to buy the products you want locally at a price that is fair. We also believe that customer service is as important as fair pricing. Our promise to all customers is to provide the fanatical customer service and products at a price that is fair and competitive with the rest of the world. We won’t be the cheapest, if you search hard enough you can probably save a few dirhams, but we will always be fair and offer great value.


These are our GRIT+TONIC promises.

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