Vegan Bio-Ball Mini - Pea Protein and Cocoa

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100% natural energy mini balls made from date paste, oats (gluten free) and with ingredients of biological origin. Available in two versions: vegetable and fruit, and protein with a touch of cocoa.

Vegan Bio Balls are full of nutrients from natural organic ingredients and totally vegan! Without a hint of refined sugar, they are naturally sweetened with dates and combine the best flavors and ingredients making them a tasty and healthy snack.

Mini Protein Ball
Another energy ball? No, two small protein sources (vegetable protein) with cocoa powder and cocoa nuggets.
Traditionally called the “food of the gods”, cocoa contains polyphenols that present interesting benefits for brain health, increased energy levels and well-being.

Nutrition Facts
Per 17g Serving Size
Per Serving(17g)
Per 100g
504 kJ / 120 kcal
Brand GoldNutrition
Price 10.00 AED
Ingredients Dates, oats, agave, pea protein [10%], peanuts, cocoa nuggets [5%], cocoa powder [3%]. No added sugar: contains naturally present sugars.
Features Organic, 100% natural, Gluten-free
Flavour Pea Protein and Cocoa
Packaging Sachet
What you get 1 Sachet of 34g
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