Tithon Helmet BHE-08

The high-tech Tithon Helmet combines cutting edge ventilation and pure speed in a package that is trusted by our top Pro-Team riders.
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Product Model: BBB-BHE-08

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Looking for the best combination between speed and ventilation? The Tithon is your best choice. The smooth surface cuts through the wind, while the two big air vents channel air over your head. A third smaller vent just above your eyebrows controls the airflow over the centre of your head. The performances of this high-tech helmet are already proven by our pro riders who use the Tithon.


  • Best balance between aerodynamics and thermodynamics.
  • Windtunnel tested.
  • Airflow Cooling System (ACS) design.
  • Double In-mold shell construction.
  • High density EPS foam.
  • Hidden strap anchors.
  • 5 air vents.
  • Venturi channeling for optimum airflow.
  • Lightweight adjustable straps for a perfect and comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight multi angle strap dividers.
  • Omega fit system, adjusts height and circumference.
  • Optimized airflow padding design.
  • QuickDry padding.
  • Sizes: S (52-55 cm), M (55-58 cm) and L (58-62 cm).


Additional Information

Product ModelBBB-BHE-08
MaterialEPS High Density Foam
FeaturesVentilated Aero Helmet. Suitable for Road, TT
What you get1 x Helmet


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Grit Review

If you want top aero performance for that final burst to the line at the end of a race, coupled with reasonable ventilation, the BBB Tithon is a great option.

Let's start with that ventilation, which you'd be right in thinking isn't spectacular. Of course it isn't: there are only two holes at the front and three at the rear. However, the way they work in practice by pulling air through from a high pressure to low pressure area means you do still get a surprisingly good level of airflow in spite of appearances.

I'll be honest – a warm summer's day will defeat me in this – but anything less than that and I'm impressed. It's one of those helmets where, if all you're interested in is saving the odd watt here or there at the end of a race, then it's going to appeal; if not, then it's likely you'd be better suited to one with more ventilation.

BBB Tithon Helmet - top.jpg

BBB Tithon Helmet - top.jpg

The aero profiling comes from extensive wind-tunnel testing and 3D modelling, and BBB has won the Red Dot Design Award and the Taipei Bike Show Design and Innovation Award for its efforts. Not bad.

On the road, it's hard to tell if it has a huge effect on your performance without access to the kind of data reserved for pros, but you can certainly feel how smoothly the Tithon deflects wind around your head. It certainly feels fast.

BBB Tithon Helmet.jpg

BBB Tithon Helmet.jpg

It's not at all uncomfortable to wear, either. Padding from high density foam is effective, and rings right around the front of the helmet to catch any extra sweat that the ventilation system hasn't been able to deal with.

BBB Tithon Helmet - inside.jpg

BBB Tithon Helmet - inside.jpg

The helmet is retained by a ratchet system BBB calls FlexClose, which works in fundamentally the same way as any other cranium retention setup by taking up the slack of the shell and fixing the helmet to your head. There's also a six-step system to adjust how far down the back of the head the system reaches too – good for those with 'long' heads.

BBB Tithon Helmet - back.jpg

BBB Tithon Helmet - back.jpg

The straps and clasps are lightweight yet sturdy – easy to do up and undo at the start and end of a ride, and serve their purpose competently. The helmet also conforms to all EU safety regulations, too.

In terms of style, personally I like the sleek lines, although I didn't like the white colourway of the helmet on test. Stick with the matt black unless you want to resemble a mushroom on your rides.

> Should you buy an aero helmet?

I also think it's very good value for money, especially considering the R&D that's gone into developing it. Okay, so you can't use it on the hottest days for fear of cooking, but other than that it's a great option for race cyclists looking for that last bit of speed on their sprint, or for anyone hoping to buy themselves an extra bit of aero efficiency.


Top performance and good levels of comfort and cooling in a package that won't break the bank


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