Polar Pacer Pro GPS Running Watch - Aurora Green

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This is an ultra-light, new-generation GPS running watch with integrated barometer that equips serious runners with advanced training tools to improve running economy and performance. Make every run a good run.
Size: S-L (wrist circumference 120-210 mm)

You. Better. Run.

This is a serious running watch that equips serious runners with seriously powerful training tools. We’re serious when we say, ‘running is life’.

  • Powerful training tools for serious runners.
  • Integrated barometer with wrist-based running power.
  • Hyperfast, high-performance core processor.
  • Bright display for optimal readability in any condition.
  • Advanced optical heart rate tracking technology.
  • Accurate GPS and long-life battery.
  • Rapid charging and data transfer.

Skip charging,
not data.

Whether you want to train every day, or not, you still need your watch to keep running 24/7. Not a problem – one full charge gives you one full week.

Up to
7 days
on a single charge.

Keeps going long after you’ve stopped – and always ready for more.

Up to

Training time in power-save modes.

Up to

Training time with full GPS and HR tracking enabled.

HR Training Zones
Forget about others.
Follow your heart.

Efficiency is key – target HR zones allow you to monitor the level of effort required for different intensities based on your heart’s beats per minute (bpm).

This is the hardest working muscle in your body. It’s the engine that keeps everything running when you run.

Running Essentials
Everything you need:
from start to finish.
Pace, time, distance – plus a few other necessary functions to keep you running.

Running Index
How do you rank as a runner?

Run. Track your heart rate and speed. Get your score. Compare it to people of the same age and gender – work on running better than them.

Index Score

Run faster with less effort.

Monitor your progress and see how your running performance develops over time. As your aerobic capacity and running economy improve, your running index will increase.

Race Time Predictor

When are you finishing?

You’re ready for a big race, but you’ll be imagining what you’ll be crossing the line in – get an estimation of your finish time for various running distances.

Running Power Zones
Run at the right intensity.

Wrist-based running power monitors the effort required for every segment of your run instantly – so you can adjust your intensity and finish strongly.

Running Power

See your real-time mechanical energy output in Watts – whether you’re running on a flat, or taking on a steep hill.

Running Power
In Action.

Power to heart rate ratio is a useful indicator: the same power at lower heart rate = better performance.

All the tools
you need to win.

A good runner makes it look easy, but a great runner knows it wasn’t. Races aren’t won by crossing a line, they’re won long before that.

Running Program
Set a goal.
Run to it.

From 5k to marathon, pick the event you want – and run with a plan that adapts to your training on the way.

Season Planner
Plan the year ahead.

Plan the perfect running season – setting training periods, targets, and focus areas.

How far are you willing to go?

It's not about distance, it's more than that. You want to face the world head-on and if you're going to to do that, you need to track your runs right- wherever you go.

Accurate GPS
You can run this town.

The new antenna design allows you to track every stride with improved accuracy wherever you run.

  • The stylish, lightweight body with a simple plastic ring insert also acts as an antenna signal booster for the built-in GPS.
  • Assisted-GPS for faster fix times: supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS satellite systems for the best positioning experience anywhere in the world.

Back to Start
Back for more?

Guides you back to your starting point. Now you can go the extra mile, trusting you’ll find your way back.

Route & Elevation Profiles
Runner’s high – and lows.

Relive your run in Polar Flow – seeing all uphills and downhills along your route as you took the terrain on.

Running in
your dreams.

Even after you’ve stopped, your mind is still running. Winding down and recovering with some quality rest is the best way to make sure you are ready for another day of running tomorrow.

Running Index
How do you rank as a runner?

Automatically tracks the quality, duration,and time spent in each sleep stage overnight.

Nightly Recharge™

Wake up ready.

See how well your body recovered in your sleep – open your eyes to information you can use.


Reflect for a moment.

Enjoy a guided breathing exercise to help relax your mind, body, and soul.

Brand Polar
Price 1,199.00 AED
Model Number 900102183
Type Running
What you get 1 x Polar Pacer Pro, Charger
Resolution 240 × 240
Water resistance WR50
Smart Notifications Yes
Bluetooth Smart No
Optical HR Yes
Battery life Training mode, up to: 35 hours, Watch mode, up to: 1032 hours
Operating temperature Min: -10 °C, Max 50 °C:
Rechargeable Yes
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