Our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals. We do this by offering great kit and sound advice. We are a home grown business, we know the terrain, and our team live and breathe it. We will do our personal best to make sure you achieve yours.

Jeffrey Sebuja

Name: Jeffrey Sebuja

Job title: Customer Happiness
GRIT bio: Some people ask, which came first? Jeff or customer service? We don’t know the answer, what we do know is that Jeff embodies how we treat customers. He’s our second basketball nut on the team.
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Johnden Hortelano

Name: Johnden Hortelano

Job title: Sales Champion
GRIT bio: Johnden knows our products inside out and loves to help people. He makes sure orders are processed in record time. He’s a cycling guy and you’ll often find him out at Dubai’s various tracks.
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Ali Ali Aliknm

Name: Ali Ali Aliknm

Job title: Fulfillment Expert
GRIT bio: Next in our all star cast is Ali. He’s in charge of making sure all our wonderful products get from the warehouse to the delivery box. He loves to cycle and is handy with a cricket bat
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Ron De Guia

Name: Ron De Guia

Job title: Service Guru
GRIT bio: Ron runs our service center and provides technical support across all our products. He is our version of the A-team…if you have a problem and no-one else can help, you had better call Ron. He is also an accredited basketball referee.
Jane Rose

Name: Jane Rose

Job title: Content Maestro
GRIT bio: Jane is our content expert. She’s responsible for getting everything on to GRIT+TONIC and making sure everything is perfect for our customers.
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Richelle Matium

Name: Richelle Matium

Job title: Office Coordinator
GRIT bio: Richelle looks after the office and everyone in the office. She makes sure people and things go where they need to go and that everything has a place. Every company should have a Richelle.

Name: Shamseer

Job title: Fullfilment Assistant
GRIT bio: Shamseer works with Ali to prepare the boxes of GRIT+TONIC goodness to go out to our customers. Shamseer is a great runner and that maybe explains why our orders are prepared so quickly.
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Abdul Jamall Mamadra

Name: Abdul Jamall Mamadra

Job title: Designer
GRIT bio: Meet Mr Abs. He’s responsible for graphical content and design, everything from these great bio pics to our tent design. Oh yes, he’s a basketball nut.
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Simon Marshall

Name: Simon Marshall

Job title: Grit Chief
GRIT bio: Simon is responsible for all things Grit+Tonic. He loves, breathes and drinks Grit. He’s also our go to guy for triathlon and running. A veteran of 11 Ironmans, 2 Kona World champs, numerous trail races and a top 30 finisher of the Marathon des Sables.
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Nicolas Girot

Name: Nicolas Girot

Job title: The Founder
GRIT bio: Nicolas loves his sport, so much so that 22 years ago he thought he’d make a career out of it. A serial entrepreneur in the sports industry. Nicolas doesn’t just talk the talk, but is a triathlete, cyclist and runner with two marathon finishes to his name