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The Fizik Aliante is one of the best-selling saddles within the Fizik range. This version comes with carbon rails for greater comfort, rigidity and lightness. It features the widest, most longitudinally curved profile of Fizik road models. Its weight is only 195gr.

  • The Aliante is the widest, most longitudinally curved saddle of Fizik road models.
  • It features a fiberglass composite shell co-injected with Nylon for optimized rigidity and weight reduction, and features Twin Flex technology that combines a rigid carbon layer with a flexible and comfortable carbon layer.
  • It has 7x9mm braided carbon rails.
  • Made for Bulls; Fizik has created the Spine Concept Evo system, which assessing the flexibility of the back and the rotation of the pelvis, classifies the cyclists into Snakes (those with maximum flexibility and no rotation), Bulls (with low flexibility and high rotation), and Chameleons (medium flexibility and low rotation).
  • Compatible with Integrated Clip System (anchoring system to fix lights, tool bags, etc., created by Fizik itself).
  • Dimensions: 275x143 mm Weight: 195 gr.
Brand Fizik
Price 1,400.00 AED
Colour White
Product Model 7011S A99738
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