Our Promise

For far too long shopping in the GCC has meant a choice between buying locally and paying a lot more than everyone else in the world, or going through the inconvenience of buying outside the GCC, waiting forever for products to arrive,and then having hidden courier charges or for your order to be split between lots of different packages each incurring delivery costs.

At Grit+Tonic we believe you shouldn’t have to make this choice. Your time is too valuable, you have bikes to ride, deserts to run, parks to stroll, a body to train and a life to live.

We believe you should be able to buy the products you want locally at a price that is fair. We also believe that customer service is as important as fair pricing.

Our promise to all our customers, is to provide productsand fanatical customer service at a price that is fair and competitive with the rest of the world.We won’t always be the cheapest, if you search hard enough you can probably save a few dirhams, but we will always be fair and offer great value.