BBB NanoStrike 400 - Black

229.00 AED
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  • Headlight with extreme power to size ratio
  • Day Flash mode (400lm) for daytime visibility
  • City mode (15Lm) for a very long runtime to bring you home
  • With strap bracket to mount it almost everywhere on the bike
  • Alumium head with AirFlow Cooling System (ACS) for optimal performance
  • Memory mode: The light goes on in the last used mode
NanoStrike 400 Headlight

With unmatched power to size ratio
When you want a small headlight with as much power as possible, you have to go for the NanoStrike. This light is literally nano, compact with outstanding brightness. And provided with an efficient LED which improves burn time.

400 Lumen
400 Lumen headlight with unmatched power to size ratio and an alumium head with AirFlow cooling system (ACS) for optimal performance.

Strap bracket
Strap bracket (StrapFix, BLS-192) included that fits on Ø22-52mm and is aerobar compatible.

With a city mode (15Lm) for a very long runtime to bring you home and day flash mode (400Lm) for daytime visibility.


  • Colors - Black
  • Sizes - Universal
  • Battery indicator - Yes
  • Battery type - Lithium Polymer
  • Battery capacity (mAh) - 1050
  • Battery voltage (V) - 3.7
  • Beam pattern (m) - Round
  • Brackets included - StrapFix (BLS-192)
  • Charge time (hours) - 3:30
  • Light source - LED
  • Lux on 10 meters (lux) - 31
  • Lux on 1 meter (lux) - 3120
  • Max.beam distance (m) - 112
  • Max. lumen in flash mode (lm) - 400
  • Max. lumen in steady mode (lm) - 400
  • Modes - Boost, City, Dayflash, Flash, High, Standard
  • USB type - Micro USB
  • USB regarchable - Yes
  • Waterproof level - IPX4
  • Length (mm) - 67
  • Width (mm) - 39
  • Max. burn time (hours) - 48

Regulated lights emit over their entire burn time a constant amount of light due to an electronic regulation system. Is the battery (pack) empty, can’t the same amount of light be emitted anymore, than the light will automatically turn off. Because you don’t want to be surprised, these lamps feature a battery indicator.

USB rechargeable
Quick and easy rechargeable by usb.

Brand BBB
Model Number BLS-130
Price 229.00 AED
Gender Unisex
Colour Black
Road No
Urban No
Lights / Table

If you want to choose the most suitable light set for your bicycle use, it’s important to have correct and comparative product data. Because there is no international standard for light sets, BBB measures various values. With these values you can always compare our products. To fully understand the values mentioned in the table below, we explain the concepts used in the table.
First of all, Lumen. This is the value for the total luminous flux, is the total amount of light (in all directions) emitted by that lamp.

Candela is the unit of luminous intensity. Candela indicates the amount of light emitted in a certain direction of the beam. The in the table noted Candela value is measured at the center of the beam.

Lux is the amount of light (lumens) on a certain area. Therefore Lux is the most telling unity. For example, if you have a light source of 1000 lumens, spread over 1 m², this square meter is illuminated with 1000 lux. When the same 1000 lumens are spread over 10 m², the same source illuminates a square meter with only 100 lux.

However, when comparing Lux values for different light sets, it’s important to know the distance from the light source. The larger the distance to the source, the lower the Lux value will be. BBB measures the Lux value at 1 and 10 meters. The Lux value at 1 meter is equal to the value for Luminous intensity (Candela).
The light spot diameter indicates how wide the beam of the lamp is at 1 meter distance.
The burn time of the different lamps gives an indication of how many hours the lamp will burn. For battery lamps the burn time obviously depends on the quality of the battery. Burn time for BBB lights with battery pack is measured with fully charged batteries

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