Our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals.

We do this by offering great kit and sound advice. We are a home grown business, we know the terrain, and our team live and breathe it.

We will do our personal best to make sure you achieve yours.



Ok, not quite 15 minutes, but enough time to enjoy an Espresso and a GU Stroopwafel.

The idea for Grit+Tonic was born in early 2017. We wanted to have a better way of shopping and to offer something different that we couldn't find anywhere else in Middle East.

At the heart of Grit+Tonic we wanted to combine our passion for sport, love of sports kit (Simon's obsession with sports kit is actually quite worrying) and a fundamental belief that customer service should underpin everything we do.

From these simple values the Grit+Tonic online store started to take shape.

Not only do you trust the details on the Casino site itself twitter account RouletteBull! Always visit the site of the regulator and check if it really officially licensed the Casino you visited. It may well be that the regulatory authority distances itself on its own website from an operator! Good advice and good offer. The various authorities also offer some Webpresents in World.

We continued to develop ideas and to build the Grit+Tonic website with the intention to open in early 2018. When we got to early 2018, we looked at the website and decided that some things weren't quite right.

The idea for Grit+Tonic was to do things better and to have a website that customers would enjoy using, so we pushed back the go live date until later in the year. Six months later and Grit+Tonic was ready to open its virtual doors on 01 October 2018.

We hope you like Grit+Tonic and the service we provide. If you have any comments or feedback on anything we do, either good or bad then we'd love to hear from you at or give us a call on 04 289 6001. We'll be delighted to hear from you.


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